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Fishing in Castlegar

Fishing in Castlegar

Columbia River:

This free-flowing section of the Columbia River stretches 42km from the Hugh Keenleyside Dam in Castlegar to the US border at Waneta. The Walleye are the best catch from June to October throughout the whole river. There is also a population of Wild Sturgeon in the river up to 90kg. The largest freshwater fish in North America and is the third-largest species of sturgeon, after the beluga and the Kaluga. The white sturgeon is known to reach a maximum size of 816 kg (1,799 lb) and 6.1 m (20 ft).

Kootenay River:

The Kootenay River runs between Nelson and Castlegar with 40km of both slow and fast-moving water. Large Rainbow, Bull trout, Kokanee, and Whitefish are available. The Slocan Pool, where the Slocan River joins the Kootenay River, is renowned for its fly-fishing for Rainbow up to 2kg. Walleye within 2km of the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia River.

Arrow Lakes:

Lower Arrow Lake Accessible from Syringa Creek Provincial Park north of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam near Castlegar, this lake is 80km long and 1-3km wide. Trolling for large Rainbow and Bull trout is best in winter months. Rainbow ranging from 0.5-7kg can be caught year round. Rainbow trout are the most abundant at creek mouths. The Lower Arrow Lakes is one of the most productive Kokanee fisheries in Southern BC.

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