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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

B.C. Government offers interest free loan to first time home Buyers;

Wow!  There seems to be a lot of opinions out there on the new program the Government is offering to first time home Buyers.  I think it’s going to be a really good thing.  For me as a Realtor it’s not about  selling more homes but about helping those that can’t quite make it happen.  I’m talking about hard working folks that are trying but can’t come up with all the funds necessary to purchase a home.  In my experience I know how just the little things can come between owning a home and not being able to buy. This program will change lives, give families security and build happier homes and hence happier childhoods.  There are no bounds for first time homebuyers.  Here are a couple of stories of first time buyers that I have helped make home ownership a reality.

My 85 year old client had rented a house for 25 years.  The Landlord had decided to put the home on the market.  He called me as he and his wife needed to find another rental.  I asked him why he wouldn’t just buy the house he was renting.  He didn’t think he could.  I worked with the Bank to secure a mortgage for him and he lived in the home until he was over 93 years old.  His mortgage payment was hundreds of dollars a month less than what he paid in rent.  His wife got her wish as she always wanted to own a home and they were able to live more comfortably in their final years.

My Client was a single mom with three young children.  She was leaving a bad situation and wanted to re-locate close to the schools.  She could not find a rental that she wanted to live in at a cost that she could afford.  She was pretty desperate.  I told her about the zero down program that was being offered.  She thought that this was too good to be true.  Not so!  She bought a great house one block from 3 schools and I’m happy to say it was perfect for her.  Her kids went to school right down the street and have now all graduated.  It’s been 13 years and she has no intention of moving because this is her “HOME”.

I have another young Client that really needed some help.  He didn’t think that he would ever be able to buy a home.  I told him “It all starts with the plan” so we put a plan together for him to get started on the road to home ownership.  He followed the plan to a tee!  Although he started out small (he bought a mobile home) he has moved way up to a great property with a beautiful home and shop.  It didn’t happen overnight but that was the plan.

As a Realtor I have the confidence of my Clients, not always in my ability to perform; but as a confidant.  I have the privilege of guiding people to make an informed decision with experience and sound advice.

Home ownership should not be out of reach for anyone of any age.

What I know for sure is that families need stability.  Kids need to know that the house they share with their parents is theirs.  Sometimes that little extra to make it work will save a family, when we save families we build a stronger community.  Happier families, whatever their age means people are not depending on the system but are self-sustaining.  Home owners look after their properties and neighborhoods thrive.  When we put families first we all win!  I think this program is going to change lives for the better.  And that’s a very good thing!!