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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Happy New Year!!

I had such a wonderful holiday; had a chance to unwind and relax and spent some incredible quality time with my family and friends.  Have you made any New Years resolutions this year? Let’s talk about that for a second.

I hate New Years resolutions. 

Am I against wanting to make changes in your life? Having goals and things you are working towards? The desire to always improve? Absolutely not. 

What I AM against, though, is the whole mindset surrounding the “New Years Resolution”. The notion of “January is here so I have to make the change NOW”. It often turns into extreme behaviors for the first few weeks of the year; you’re motivated, you’re inspired and you’re ready to make changes so you go all in and go really hard. The problem is that that’s no way to live; a life of extremes can not be maintainted long term. Nor should it be. 

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself this New Years; because when you start to fizzle out, you’ll just get frustrated and defeated. And then what have you accomplished?

Focus on the entire year of 2017. Write down how you want your life to look next year at this exact time. Then write down some meaningful, tangible goals that are going to help you get there. Acknowledge the fact that it’s not about a quick fix – it’s about creating new habits to create lasting changes. 

In addition to the stress we put on ourselves trying to achieve these crazy resolutions, January is already a really difficult time for people. It’s cold, the holidays are over, our bank accounts are hurting, maybe we feel a tiny bit of guilt about overindulging over the holidays.

Castlegar has lots to offer to help beat those winter blues.

Did you know that Castlegar has not one, but TWO, amazing hockey teams? 

The Selkirk Saints are part of the highly competitive B.C. Intercollegiate Hockey League and have won the Provincial Title for four straight years! It’s truly amazing hockey to watch and such a fun event for the whole family. 


They play at the Castlegar and District Community Complex and tickets are just $8 ($5 for kids). Check out their website for the full schedule:

The Castlegar Rebels are a junior ‘B’ team that are part of the Kootenay Conference of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL). The Rebels also play their home games at the Castlegar and District Community Complex and tickets are $7 ($3 for kids). 


Check out their schedule here:

Make a night of it – go out to one of our many restaurants for an early dinner and then head over to the arena for a night of great hockey! 

If hockey isn’t really your thing, how about a day spent out enjoying the snow and crisp air? 

Every year the City of Castlegar builds two outdoor skating rinks – one set up for shinny sticks (mini hockey), the other set up for family skating. They are located at Kinnaird Park and are well lit for skating into the evening. They also have a large burning barrel so you can make a fire and stay toasty warm or roast some hotdogs! Everyone has a blast at these outdoor rinks and the best part – they’re totally free! (Please note – this facility is unsupervised so skate at your own risk!)

What better way to warm up after a day on the ice than stopping by one of our incredible coffee shops for a warm drink and a treat? Castlegar is lucky to have so many locally owned and operated coffee shops. Most offer a variety of hot and cold beverages, as well as home made treats, baking, sandwiches, wraps and soup. 

You won’t go wrong with a stop at any of these places:
Hope you have a great January and all of the best in this year to come!

~ Charlotte